Computing People Intentions

Automatic navigation User interface Project Plan

Standard Interface
  1. Topology & flows definitions (relational & intentional)

    • Location
      How to define current location?
      How to give it a name?
      How to display it?
      How to manage zoom level on that location?
      Should Portrait or Landscape orientation be chosen?
    • Ubiquity
      How many concurrent location can be looked at?
      How to display them?
      How to show which one as the focus?
    • Memory
      How to centralize memory interfaces?
      How to distinguish between long and short term?
      How to separate data and action memory?
      How to create a memory wizard?
    • Actions
      How to display a common action interface?
      How to ask for action parameters?
      Where to display action results?
      How to manage action context?
      How to manage inline actions (edition)?
    • Navigation
      What type of spatial metaphor to use?
      How to represent time or workflow?
      How to remove topological problems?
    • Synchronization and groups
      How should data be synchronized on screen?
      How should interface elements be synchronized?
  2. Interface Language definition

    • Data Definitions to Interface generation
    • Imagine data properties so that interface can display them
  3. Display & Navigation elements (dev & tests)


A. 60 days, 2 devs
  1. 12 days, 2 devs
  2. 6 days, 2 devs
  3. 32 days, 2devs