Computing People Intentions

The Intentware Project Log

2006-04-26 Gamla : Working on Interfaces and on Service and Container
2006-04-21 Gamla : Clean source code conventions
2006-03-22 Gamla : Writing Action definition
2006-03-13 Gamla : Working on Action, Actor, Flow, Interface and Reserve
2006-03-09 Gamla : Flow, Context and Interface thinking
2006-02-28 Gamla : End working on Container, Cell and Object definitions
2006-02-22 Gamla : Decided to split Object and Cell : an Object is made of Cells made of Containers.
2006-02-06 Brain storming period on Object vs Cell concepts
2006-01-25 Restart Gamla (iwStudio) project trying to build a food information database sample
2006-01-17 Altova, AwareIM and Jetbrains tools exploration
2005-12-04 Last of 3 brain storming meetings between Thomas and JC before holidays