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Jean-Claude Levy is founder of Intentware.

He was employed by Microsoft Corporation from 1997 to 2000 as Application Developpment Consultant where he helped top French companies use Microsoft technologies.

From 2001, LÚvy was hired by Visiolis as Information Technology Manager. Visiolis is the first company that enables remote online expertise in the French motorcar insurance industry.

Born in 1966, LÚvy sold his first software in 1985 : Tennis Championship was the first Tennis simulation game on the Apple II computer. He also was the author of Jerusalem Bible study software, a best seller in France, in 1997.

With Broderbund Software, he published Showoff in 1987, the first Apple II GS Powerpoint like software, and in 1989 the Atari version of Prince of Persia the legendary action-adventure game.

LÚvy earned his M.S. in computer science from the Florida Tech university of Melbourne, Florida in 1988.

LÚvy has a strong interest in Jewish history, especially the century around the end of the second Temple.