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The Intentware project will be carried out in four stages :

1 - At the end of the first stage, code name 'Sefer', we will present WebCodex: an online text manager which will facilitate drafting, navigation, research and collaboration. You can see WebCodex first draft at : and

2 - The second stage, code name 'Galil', will be devoted to WebCodex extension to all data types. We will introduce an online database manager which will operate thanks to an entirely automatic user interface and which will be accessible to all types of users.

3 - At the end of third stage, code name 'Gamla', we will reveal Intentware System, which allows everyone, not only to manage data, but also to program. In this stage, core of the intentional system will be presented.

4 - Lastly, the fourth stage, code name 'Goren', will be devoted to Intentware Workspace: an intentional Internet software that everyone will daily use  to manage its data, services and projects.